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Refine your process

Every team has got their own way of working, and every project is done differently.
flexilio was built to be flexible and lightweight, so you can customize it easily to make it work the way you and your team prefer, and not the other way around.

Complete freedom

Most other tools have some kind of process or workflow engine in place. At some point in time, you're forced to perform an action just to satisfy the tool.

flexilio is different. We don't want to interfere with the way you work and we will never force you to go out of your way.
During the work lifecycle, story tasks can wander through all project states. But they don't have to. Nothing prevents you from directly finishing a task or removing a story if that corresponds to what's happening in reality.

Setup your process

Projects are created with a simple default process containing three states.
If this doesn't match the way you or your team like to work, you can customize your project's board however you like.

Efficiency through focus

Doing more than one thing at the same time kills efficiency.
The more tasks at any given time, the more context switching occurs, which lowers your efficiency.
That's why it's key to limit the amount of work in progress (WIP). flexilio lets you set individual work-in-progress limits.
If moving a task into a state would exceed the WiP limit, flexilio will warn you about that. Of course, setting a limit is completely optional and having one in place will never block your work.

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