Feature Tour

Working with a team

While flexilio works great for your personal projects, it's also very easy to build teams and invite others to collaborate on your work.
Projects are created per team, so everybody in a team has got access to all projects of that team.
You can own teams but you can also be a member in other teams.

Create teams

Managing teams in flexilio can be done very easy.
Simply invite other people into your team to work on your projects. When they accept your invitation, they will have access to all team projects immediately.

Team and project roles

You can organize team members into different team and project roles to control what they're allowed to do.
For example, you might want to let certain users or even customers just view project information but not allow them to edit it.
flexilio provides you with an easy role system that lets you work with a team without having to give up total control.

Share information

flexilio allows you to create and share project and story notes with your team. Document your projects and stories directly and in place.

Add files

Often projects need extra assets like screenshots, images or mockups, specification documents or simply stuff received from other parties.
Keeping these files with your work items helps you and your team to understand more about the work that has to be done.
With flexilio, you can attach files directly to stories. Once a file is attached to a story, your entire team can access it quickly.

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