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Organize your work visually

There are many project management applications out there. Most of them focus on creating and editing a database and lists of tasks.
Instead of doing that, flexilio lets you arrange and organize your entire work visually and interactive, giving you the perfect overview of your projects and untertakings.
Arranging and grouping your tasks allows you to track and manage your progress easily.

Your work on a board

In flexilio, your entire work can be arranged and organized on a board.
The board has got columns which represent the different states your work is going through until it is completed.
In flexilio, a board supports almost anything like its physical counterpart. You can add or remove, edit, color and move your cards.

Organize and arrange

Each piece of work can be described in a story and can be attached to the board.
To complete the work in a story, most of the time many tasks with different activities need to be done. Breaking your work apart into smaller and more manageable pieces gives you better control. flexilio allows you to add as many tasks to a story as you like and need.

Work lifecycle

Stories may be created and put in the project backlog, which is just a collection of stories that you're planning to work on someday.
When you're ready to start working on a story, you can simply move its card to your board.
When all tasks in a story are done, you can remove the story from the board and move it to the archive.

Track work items

As work is done in the tasks on the story, you can drag them across the board from left to right to indicate progress for the individual tasks.
A story can have tasks in different states. These states represent the different phases your work is going through until it is completed.
When a task reaches the last state at the right side of the board, it's done!

Organize tasks

You can change the color of task cards to keep them organized. The meaning of the different colors is entirely up to you. For example, you might make a card red to indicate it is critical and needs special attention.

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