Simply Agile.

A lightweight, simple and visual project management solution.

Use flexilio to organize and get things done quickly and effciently.

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Organize your work visually

flexilio lets you arrange and organize your entire work visually and interactive, giving you the perfect overview of your projects and untertakings.
Arranging and grouping your tasks like this allows you to track and manage your progress easily.

Be more efficient and stay organized

Organizing your work with visual indicators allows you to focus on the most urgent and important things and to stay in control.

Flexible and lightweight

flexilio helps you setup, track and organize your projects and tasks the way you want.
There is no need to learn yet another process or methodology. flexilio works the way you want - it's never the other way around.

For you, for teams

No matter whether you work alone or in a team, store and share all relevant infos and files in flexilio and access them from everywhere.
All your undertakings, projects, all your tasks, all of your team - organized and easily visible at a glance.

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